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88 Doors Association Management LLC was founded in 2015 in Austin by two patent attorneys and a prominent real estate professional, boasting over 20 years of combined property management experience and having facilitated the sale and rental of thousands of condominiums. Currently overseeing 10 HOAs and 400+ doors,

As an attorney-owned company, we offer the invaluable benefit of legal advice at any given moment—a feature that has led to numerous success stories. The owners, who jointly own several properties, recognized the need for HOA management and began collaborating with developers converting apartments into condos. This prompted the inception of our company. Having previously self-managed their own properties, including condos, multi-family, and single-family residences, they seamlessly integrated property management services into their company.

88 Doors identified a market gap: a lack of people-oriented management. Many management companies prioritize revenue over client relationships. In contrast, we prioritize the individuals we serve, crafting personalized management plans to meet their unique needs. We aim to expand our portfolio by delivering customized management services and exceptional customer care. Our vision is to not only meet but surpass our client’s expectations.

Our Senior Portfolio Manager has over 13 years of experience in property management, including multi-family value adds, Class A properties, single-family homes, and HOA management