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Recognition Program

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Why Apply for Platinum Top 50 Recognition?

Not all real estate agents are created equal and buyers and sellers deserve to be represented by the
best. The PT50 annual recognition program is uniquely designed to bring together agents that are
industry and community leaders with diverse backgrounds, interests, experiences, and areas of
expertise. In addition, they each have a proven track record for providing exceptional service and
getting results for their clients.

Agents selected for recognition through PT50 gain a host of membership benefits designed to support
their business. 

PT50 recognized agents will receive:

It is free to apply and all licensed, active agents in good standing are encouraged to apply. There is no
cost to the agent if selected for recognition. Agents must apply to the PT50 organization in the city
where their primary association membership is held.

PT50 Recognition Program Scoring Criteria

PT50 has a unique desire to recognize real estate agents, not only for their professional
accomplishments, but for their dedication to the enrichment of their community, commitment to
continuing education and their ongoing leadership in real estate industry trade organizations at the local, regional and national level.


Agents selected for recognition apply annually between August 1 and August 31.

60% Sales (Volume Closed + Units Closed)

An agent’s sales performance is a key indicator of their success. Production used to qualify for
recognition is for transactions closed between September 1 of the previous year and August
31 of the current application year and account for 60% of an agent’s overall score.

25% Community Involvement

Being involved in philanthropic endeavors ultimately creates a more unified and desirable city
to live and work in. It also enhances the professional image of those in the real estate industry.
It is Platinum Top 50’s belief that community-minded, civically-engaged agents elevate the
image of professionals in our industry. Community involvement accounts for 25% of an
agent’s overall score and are awarded points for their volunteer hours and financial
contributions as as follows:

7.5% Designations

We believe continuing education and the increased knowledge that comes from gaining additional
certifications throughout an agent’s career ultimately benefits the clients they represent.
Designations account for 7.5% of the total score. Agents with recognized designations receive one
point per recognized designation.

7.5% Industry Participation

Industry participation is defined as involvement in recognized professional associations or membership-based councils, societies or organizations that are designed to bring together individuals in real estate and advance the real estate industry as a whole. This includes attendance at PT50 events. Industry Involvement is 7.5% of an agent’s total score.

Points for industry participation will be awarded as follows:

PT50 Special Category Awards

Platinum Top 50 Special Category Awards are a way to recognize the accomplishments of both agents and industry professionals who embody the values of Platinum Top 50.

Those recognized for the Special Category Award are nominated by their peers. All nomination applications and supporting information will be anonymously reviewed and scored by a panel of unbiased individuals who are employed in the non-profit, education, and real estate sectors. The winners in each category will be recognized at the PT50 Awards Ceremony in December.

Special Category Awards include Newcomer of the Year, Executive of the Year, Trainer of the Year and Partner of the Year.

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    "I have been a Platinum Top 50 participant since its inception in Austin in 2011. Over the last 9 years, I have embraced how it has grown in scope. We can all be very proud of this group; the REALTORS, the sponsors, the non-profit work, educational opportunities, and the CONNECTIONS that have enhanced the professionalism of our field."

    Gay Puckett JB Goodwin REALTORS®

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    "Being a part of this organization has done so much for my career. The recognition as a top producing agent is actually the least beneficial. I have made some of the strongest friendships of my entire life through PT50."

    Ryan Rodenbeck Spyglass Realty