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In 2003, I made the bold decision to depart from corporate America and venture into the real estate industry. Many of my peers doubted my chances of success and predicted that I would be seeking my old job within just three months. However, here I am, 22 years later, proving them wrong.

When I first embarked on my real estate career, I joined a rental real estate company. The training provided was only a single day, leaving agents to navigate the challenges on their own. Fortunately, unlike my fellow agents who were new to the field, I had a solid background in sales spanning five years. This experience equipped me with the necessary skill set to construct my own sales system. Within a remarkable eight months, I emerged as the top-performing real estate agent within the company.

From ages 23 to 26, my real estate journey encompassed a variety of roles, including being a high-achieving agent, a corporate trainer, a team leader, a recruiter, and eventually a broker. Having collaborated with numerous real estate companies, I eventually made the decision to establish my own real estate firm at the age of 27. I started with a humble one-person office, but through dedication and perseverance, I expanded to encompass two locationsSeeking a fresh environment, I embarked on a new chapter in Austin, Texas, in 2020. Within a mere three months of my arrival, I was fortunate to be offered a position as the Director of Growth and Performance at one of the largest real estate companies in the central region. During my first year in this role, I developed a comprehensive one-year training program for the company, introduced numerous additional training initiatives, and provided coaching to agents to support their success.

This exceptional opportunity led to my promotion to Vice President of Training & Coaching within just one year.

Throughout this transformative experience, I attained mastery in training agents, content creation, and expanded my knowledge in marketing, technology, and the development of company-wide training systems and schedules. I had the privilege of training thousands of agents over a span of two years. These achievements were recognized by the Platinum Top 50 organization, which recently honored me with the prestigious “Trainer of the Year” award.

I have the honor of coaching agent one on one as well as consult brokerage firms in many aspects of their training and leadership departments. I have most recently became the CO FOUNDER of Essential Agent University. EAU is a online university which will help every agent from a new agent to an aspiring Top Producer.